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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 5, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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you for joining us, dvr the show if you can't catch us live, have a great night. we'll see you right back here tomorrow. lou: the polls have just closed in virginia, to hear some political pundits and savants hold for it, you might think that president obama was on the ballot, he is not, a contest between tea party republican ken cuccinelli, and establishment clinton democrat terry mcauliffe, we'll bring you the votes as they are counted and released. i'm lou dobbs. good evening, the votes are being tallied in virginia, all across the state, the pricincts are reporting as well, strong
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voter turn out in virginia. the attorney general there and republican gubernatorial candidate, ken cuccinelli has tried to capitalize on voter frustration with the president's obamacare train wreck. as his opponent terry mcauliffe tried to make the race about cuccinelli and his tea party conservative implement the polls have tightened since october 1 launch of obamacare, a race that looked to be a mcauliffe blowout a month ago, we'll bring you the highly anticipated results here momentarily, stay with us for all of the elect news, and fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron now, live at the mcauliffe headquarters in tyson's corner virginia with the latest. >> reporter: after months of attack ads and name-calling virginia gubernatorial candidates sprinted to the finish line, casting their campaigns in a national
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conphoenix. >> we're expecting a high turn out today. >> thank you. >> reporter: democratic candidate mcauliffe held a steady lead to the poll to election day. out spend cuccinelli particularly in tough attack ads to brand cuccinelli a extreme tea party conservative. >> you know pragmatism oism over ideology. >> and focussing on failures of affordable care act. >> kob obamacare is why this was was a -- race is a horse race at this point. >> reporter: democrats expected young and minority voter turn out would slump without obama on the ballot this time. mcauliffe accused cuccinelli of putting right wing ideology
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ahead of virginiaians. >> they are angry over the shut down. >> reporter: cuccinelli united and inspired tea party and social conservatives and counted on them come out in droves. >> one thing showing up is our folk a lot more motivated on a positive basis. >> reporter: libertarian candidate, sarvis may prove a spoiler for cuccinelli's hope, no matter which candidates wins, both major political parties are charging forward for 2014 with same themes, democrats outraged over tea party conservativism, in the g.o.p., and republicans unfeueriated by the president's agenda overall. lou. lou: any commonalities? lessons we can learn and new jersey and virginia governor
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races ? >> a contrast, different races, virginia has been an incredible battle. and in new jersey, the opposite, virginia a swing state with both candidates pummelling for months, new jersey, a blue democratic state with a republican governor, and not even close by all accounts mr. christie has go the it wrapped up. that said, every expects that mr. christie's success could catapult him to a 2016 presidential run. but this is a double-edged sword in presidential politics, first contest in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina, where voters' conservatives in republican parties and liberals in democratic party, christie's movement with moderates and bipartisanship right now may not be as helpful in 2016 as attention right now for 2013 and
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14. lou: candidates can always avail themselves of tacking thing, carl cameron if you. >> we're watching a race for the governorship of virginia, and other races across the country, ballot measures, we'll have results for you, this evening on fox business network. neil cavuto with election night coverage that begins after our broadcast at 8:00 p.m. eastern, we'll be back for a special report for election night 2013 at 10:00 p.m. eastern, stay with us for that turning to obamacare, president trying to rewrite history. the disastrous roll out of obamacare forcing president obama to revise his campaign rhetoric, his promises, his words that in which he said you could keep your healthcare plan if you liked it, you could keep your doctor if you liked her or him, president now claims he meant to say, you can keep it if
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your insurers don't cancel it supporters call it a clarification. critics call it an out right lie, president's spokesman struggling with the truth, and lying about theeing and insulting american people at the same time is not a proper, proper approach. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry. >> reporter: president obama usually trying to pivot to jobs this time immigration reform. >> we're looking for a substantive win. >> reporter: when it comes to health care, president does not seem to be winning on either front. >> what we said was, you could keep it, if it has not changed since the laws past. we wrote into the affordable care act, you are grandfathered in. but if the insurance company changes it, then we're saying they have to change it to a
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higher standard. >> reporter: except that is not what he said before, white house officials took another stab at it. >> the president of the speaking specifically about the broader promise of the affordable care act. >> reporter: republicans are not buying that. >> the administration needs to come forward with honest answers not dancing around it. >> reporter: and democrats up for reelect in 2014 are skeptical too, reading from a cancellation letter as she introduced legislation to grandfather more people into their old plans. >> we just said, and president said, over and over, if you have insurance, and you like the insurance you have, you can keep it. >> reporter: just 5 days before the october 1 roll out. >> if you already have health care, you don't have to anything.
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>> reporter: president seemed to go further. >> you can say that is not true? >> as i said last week, except that you know -- you know we -- communications are challenging here, the president, look, you remember the affordable >> it is not true. >> ed, i have addressed this question repeatedly. >> reporter: a car cry from laughter that president directed at what he called naysayers in cyn 2010. >> you like your plan, you will be keeping your plan, no one will stick itake it away from i. you will be sitting in the doctor's office looking at old people's magazines, you will say, hey, this is the same doctor. same plan. it was not armageddon. >> reporter: republican dave camp issued a subpoena demanding that administration turnover
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enrollment figures, white house officials say that is over kill, they say they will turn it over next week. lou: thank you. ed henry. obamacare disaster weighing on president's approval rating, tooay's gallup daily tracking poll showing approval rating fouling below -- falling below 40%. at 39%, president is one point from ri his record low. his disapproval at 53%. the head of centers for medicare and medicaid testify before a senate committee saying that american people the get the long awaited enroll am figures sometime next week, administration official gave the response they would release the numbers in mid november. marilyn tavenner claimed it had
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improved. >> we can process 5 per second with almost no errors, we added more capacity and doubled the number of servers to meet demand. lou: despite tavenner's claims, the web site is still not working properly and was down yesterday for an hour and a half, a new report fines that obamacare sticker shot is worse if you liver i live in a red st, premiums for 27 years old road average 28% in rid states compared to 50% increases for blue states that voted for president obama. health policy expert blame the staggering difference on fact that red states have fewer regulations to begin with. and obamacare has more than 10,000 pages of regulations. that explains it all. doesn't it? we're coming right back. >> the administration had to lie
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to get obamacare passed. and after literally years of misrepresentations, the president is now misrepresenting what he said about misrepresenting. we're joined next by former reagan budget director david stockman on what the obama wear train wreck -- obamacare train wreck may mean to the economy and it's not good. customer erin swenson dered shoes from us online but they didn't fit. customer's not happy, i'm not happy. sales go down,'m not happy.
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lou: president obama today met with a group of ceos at the white house trying toe pressure congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform by year's end along those in, tendance,
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leaders of mcdonald's, deloitte touche, lockheed-martin, and the stockholm group. the question does however occur why would anyone trust this administration after what they have done with obamacare? @%r next guest said that the problem-plagued web site is a secondary issue. the real issue is what is based on policy lies, and those lies he says just keep coming. joining us david stockman, former director of office and management budget under president reagan, author of the great defer may bethegreat defoe corruption of capitalism in america. david thank you for joining us, a great choice of words, these are policy lies, they compound themselves, we watched the spectical today of a sitting
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president denying to all of his country men, that he did not say something that is a matter of record on every broadcast seemingly in the country. >> well, i think this severed with each passing day that opponent care -- obamacare is the greatest legislative calamity in last half century, not because a web site does not work or has not been tweaked. the policy design is fundamentally flawed. we have a lyle care system that is already -- health care system that is already out of control, bloated and inefficient. what obamacare trying to do is pump it up further with more coverage, more controls. and with more cost. we should go in the opposite correction. we should be going to more choice, get the consumer involved in his own healthcare. lou: maybe the doctor too? >> more competition among the provider, more economy, less insurance. lou: all you are saying is -- to
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anything to do with free market. let's began dit, free markets, as such, and so described, health care in this country, has not worked so well as it should have, at least with out question in terms of limiting costin creases. those prices are not exorbitant. >> it is distorted by government programs, we have 170 million people in employer plan, big pools of average cost that are tax subsidize, we have pled care, medicaid and now obamacare, to round it out, it is a giant bureaucratic,
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nonmarket system, maybe, we keep giving the philosophy of why markets are better and statism is bad, maybe with each day's surprise and shock, the american people will finey begin to understand, you can't run a 2.7 trillion sector of the economy from the beltway through a command and cold -- >> there are no who suggestion he does not want to stop -- mr. obama, at 2.7 trillion, he would like to take it to $17 trillion within his control. this is, we've ale reported, and have looked at evidence of what a mess this is, the mess is compounded by fact that young people are not signing up for the program, this is fundamentally a redistribution ppogram, and without young people, bearing the costs and picking upics pences of older --
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the expenses for older americans, this program is not going to work. >> right. because when you get to the heart of it, try to overlay this on the already failed system that we have, you end up with what i call, draft dump and delete, we're drafting the young people of america to pay higher premiums, to subsidize older and less i' healthy people they are already paying higher social security taxes to fund medicare, and social security. employer plans are going to be canceled, and people will be dumped because those don't meet the plan. and that is why we'll have cancellations all over the place, you may not have your plan canceled if you work for ibm, but you may have your network canceled. us will not be able to choose our distinguish or hospital or
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your -- your doctor or hospital or specialty tre vider because it creates a huge bureaucratic snarl. snarl. >> no longer imagination so required as before the advent of obamacare, we're starting to see empirical evidence in pain of thissic pe experrence. to watch ple medicaid blossom is ballooning as no one anticipated, it will be a roller burden on our tax dollars not lesser, i notice that people talk about businessman date delayed for a year, as they discuss individual mandate delayed, no one talks about the recovery of the taxes this year, and pay next year despite deferral and delay of services under obamacare. i am sure it just a oversight.
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>> no, it's not, cost is staggering, 300 billion right now, it is going to 500 billion by cbo's delights, obamacare changes were supposed to cost $100 billion, it could be double that. we'll be i would say 6 to 10 months from now in a massive fiscal crisis, where they will try to control the cost by even greater regulation. lou: i guarantee, i really that there is in the air, just a sense of an american awakening here. people are actually using the words lie when the president said something that is not true and repeat its 29 time. this is a reason, if you will, for highway patrol and change. >> maybe, it -- for hope, and for change. lou: david i got to go thank
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you, great to have you with us, david stockman. >> on wall street stocked finished mixed. not much in the way of result, dow down 29, s&p down 5, and nazdaq up 3. obama administration urges congress to take it easy on iran, lift those sanctions, and secretary of state kerry delivering a stern speech to a recessiorogue nation. so we uld be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety at the heart of everything we do. we've added cuttingdge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronge
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lou: india launched the first spacecraft bound for mars traveling 485 miles if to reach orbit next year around the red planet. oo the mission succeeds there will become just a fourth nation to visit mars soviet union and united station -- to its aid to the european union. secretary of state promised talks with the rig will not change the united states will move ahead with the missile defense system in poland it is meant to protect poland and the
7:26 pm
united states from missile attacks launched from my rand no comment yet but the kremlin has said it could be used against russia or threaten the nuclear arsenal. also denied states fails to agree on a date for a syrian peace -- peace conference. lieutenant-colonel ralph peters we're delighted to have you with us. russia and the united states don't agree on eight dates are you surprised? >> no. the opposition are killing each other aside is in the catbird's seat to amplitude has the ball and is working and the obama literally doesn't know what to do. that is fine so i am not surprised.
7:27 pm
we always hear the phrase peace process there is no peace process just like give pakistan but it makes the industry should feel good to say peace process. peace process like it is magic. lou: i don't now how this secretary feels tonight but reversing the u.s. course twice on missile defense plants in poland assayed united states is going ahead. that is news to whom? >> period basically obama this message is if they like the missile defense plan they like that they can keep it but seriously with the larger plan for missile defense even obama kerry is the messenger boy even obama recognizes that he cannot cut back on missile defense
7:28 pm
before a concrete deal with iran if that was remotely attainable i cannot further undercut nato after the nsa mass and there is a slight chance that president obama has finally realized that vladimir putin is not his best friend forever. lou: then there is discoveries about iran and this seems israel has receded from the focus of the obama a administration foreign policy. your thoughts? >> the obama administration has never liked israel. obama grew up where israel is the bad oppressor and the arabs are freedom fighters. after five years still does not remotely understand american security or policy. lou: colonel ralph peters. thank you for being here.
7:29 pm
much more on the doctrine obamacare and the election results coming up stay with us we will have the latest from around the country started with virginia. >> and the administration is all about accountability but yet they give more contracts to cd-i the contractor that brought you the health care trade iraq. the "a team" with an administration out of control. next.
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lou: the polls have spent closed for half an hour and with less than a and half reporting fox news reports tend to donnelley but it is
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far too early to call the race. although sarvis is delivered place. cd-i is the company that was paid nearly $300 billion to build the troubled health care .gov site and given at least five more government contracts since the trade record of the value our $7 billion. when you are in good with the obama administration apparently you are in good. with rampant fraud and abuse government officials found out of a sample of 700,000 enrollees of the health-insurance program more than half are found to be not eligible or
7:34 pm
ineligible. a spokesman says the review is ongoing and they expect a percentage of unqualified recipients to drop but maybe not by half. joining us now doug shoen. arthur reid and monica crowley. these wheel. starting with virginia how could anyone reasonably expect this to be a referendum? >> i'll take it is too early but i have been doing some research to date with an m.i.t. economics professor gruber who is the architect of romney care and obamacare the statistics are compelling. this is a complete but if
7:35 pm
you believe what the professor says 80 percent of the country will be left unscathed and will be not touched all 14% will be better so left with a 6% will have to buy health care this is from professor gruber really does know his stuff i am professing what he said an end to. lou: i don't want to spend a lot of time on him. >> but the fact is. lou: so the trade erected not happen? that is like the rhetoric is terrible when you have a president says 29 times you can keep your plan. >> as long as you cannot be
7:36 pm
sec over $6,000. lou: you have completely and utterly lost us. >> you cannot be stuck with a plan that costs you $6,000 to stay healthy. >> but to watch the premiums go up by an average $260 facing high deductibles that is extraordinary. in the good professor i respect his background and intellectual capacity so at this point i will believe my lying eyes. >> the statistics as i see it is 4 million people have already lost their coverage? i suspect that will go into the tens of millions of millions but 15 or 20 million lose their coverage when the president said explicitly to keep your
7:37 pm
plan or doctor that is good news -- bad news pitifully people talking about this is the individual market but. >> you have been talking also? >> we're still in a good mood and i have the employer base coverage i got a letter yesterday saying as of 2014 my employer based coverage may no longer exist and we will deal with that in six months so the next wave is employer based coverage than there you talk about tens of millions. >> what we are watching right now is the insurance industry respond comparatively to the problems of obamacare, most of them rebounding but none of them recapturing the obamacare launch levels.
7:38 pm
so with hundreds of billions of dollars of market cap at risk to with further erosion to a terrible situation is not a good thing because then they see implications for the rest of the economy. sauternes to the president's lying lips 29 times for i have heard more people say he is tweeting his comment. he made the statements over three and a half years. >> with a full stop and no explanation. no way even professor gruber could get us out. lou: what about professor showed? >> the president should say to come into the white house that is clearly not delivering on the promise of tort reform all the while
7:39 pm
keeping things pre-existing conditions to stay on the parents health care. >> it turns out there is a billionaire in texas and he has a lot of money and we will tell you how he might be influencing the race and we'll be back in just moments to join the discussion in check us out on twitter or go to facebook page or go to lou dobbs all things lou dobbs tonight. no longer just the liberal media shielding the president from criticism internet giants? can you say facebook? there goes the twitter account. we will be right back.
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lou: troubling new reports suspending accounts critical of obamacare urging millions of americans who lost insurance because of obamacare to post pictures of themselves with cancellation letters they have got a tremendous response but the site? twitter has repeateely taken down the site and knocked off line since it was created last week the suspensions are reminiscent the facebook was also suspending or deactivating accounts with second amendment views. this is deeply concerning and troubling we will take it up with the "a team." this is outrageous. >> it is illegal. you cannot take things down. >> they are doing it. >> they have a first
7:44 pm
amendment right of less in its insights have violence so it makes no sense to me from a legal standpoint. >> this is no surprise conservatives know of twitter accounts or have been directly affected by what we call that twitter actually assigns some twitter accounts and to what we call twitmo just like demo because it doesn't like there is a real agenda. lou: metal think they will have a problem before will be strike down but turning to texas always interesting things happening this time when texas contributed to make interesting things happened in virginia. software billionaire but top of the dollar for president obama is a top contributor to libertarian
7:45 pm
sarvis three libertarian booster pack with the 50 grant only comes out today on election day? >> what a coincidence. i suspect sarvis will get eight or 10% of the vote that is probably bigger than the margin between the first to. the outside force is manipulating and election through campaign contributions. lou: democrats are pushing blumberg and his billions? you have some big elephants stomping around? >> but this is old tricks but you are stupid at least not to try the fact italy comes out on election day where was the other campaign? >> i wish they would use more middlemen it is what
7:46 pm
the teacher first amendment right to speak out even if you may not believe it or we may disagree but it is another thing when people use super pac to hide to corrupt electoral process to candidates who will only defied the boat causing issues. lou: are you saying cuchinelli people did not know about this. >> absolutely and all of those scandals? >> if you cannot do opposition research on the call off what about the libertarian guy? he was on the record big government policies support climate change legislation he is no libertarian and that cuccinelli team could
7:47 pm
not get that out? >> he was even more flawed candidate. lou: day using so? third you think he was made to seem so? >> both. [laughter] >> that is why we need to raise minimum wage. [laughter] i am joking. lou: i was very concerned. we thank you very much. thank you for pretending to be a liberal. american heroes have a collection of shoes stories who put their lives of the line to defend our great nation. one of those colonel oliver north is next. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card
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lou: a powerful new book for my next guest talks about the sacrifices. [laughter] he would not let go of the book. it is mine. with sacrifices made by men and women in uniform obviously made by their families. joining us now is the author colonel oliver north and his new book entitled american heroes on the home front, the hearts of hero's. it is great to have you. a terrific book you have got to read this book. its issues written for folks like me to love the pictures just as much for convey our incredible pictures with an incredible story. >> we did the one special on
7:52 pm
war stories to go down to camp lejeune and i was out with the unit when it was deployed in iraq 2006. while embedded they lost marines and down encamp issue and a privilege very few others have ever been granted we cover that aspect so we have a follow on to that experience in large part because my best friend and mother of our kids said you never understood until now what we were going through back home for good is not just the purple hearts. lou: the story of what the family goes through in the importance of their support to these wooded warriors -- wounded warriors is so critical and important and organizations like the
7:53 pm
fisher house they work for the family is just as much as four though wounded warrior. >> we need to be very careful in the era of reduced budgets everything military that they don't cut the personal and family support budget to the bone that it looks like they intend to do because the ability to attract enough volunteers for the next war will depend on how we treated the volunteers of this more. for the first time since the american revolution every single person serving in uniform is a volunteer. george washington was right the ability to attract enough volunteers depends on how well they treat those from this one and they better not forget the sacrifices of these families lou: how well are we taking care of the wounded warriors? >> no doubt the and military
7:54 pm
medical is the best you are far better off getting wounded in afghanistan and a crash on the interstate because these guys know how to deal with it. trauma care is the best in the world there we have but the problem is the transition from military to the veterans administration. what happens there is unconscionable with a 22 month average from the data start filing the paper work then they are accepted i have ben with guys there are graphic pictures we would never put on television but they said police show people what it was like. it takes the progress from a media battlefield care from trauma to germany to the states then rehab now process out into the real world. the virginia system is broke the motto is nothing is too
7:55 pm
good for the troops and that is what we give them. nothing. these kids deserve a good job the brightest and best educated military we have ever seen. lou: and posttraumatic stress we have so many suffering from that and i think with the two words from vietnam so many years after afghanistan or iraq contrast to the pressure on the battlefield the guys that we have been sending over day after day of intense combat? >> i was born in san antonio texas my dad was already oversees he left early 1943
7:56 pm
did not come home until 45 and fought two years total time in combat was less than six months all they ever gone to years. career average timing, that 11 months, vietnam 13 months for a single term today, third infantry division one of the best units ever three, 15 months to worse for the average is 60 months is unheard of there has never been a military asking that much. lou: you will meet some of these terrific volunteers who have sacrificed so much for all of us. colonel oliver north american hero's on sale now laura bookstores everywhere this is my book he wrote it
7:57 pm
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we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping th world keep promises. neil: it is neil: it is looking like chris christie has easily romped to an elect win, the question is how big that win will be, the other battle, virginia, this looks oser than what a lot of polls and experts saying. a race bedeviled by a government shut down, then health care debate that was helping that nominee. this is based on about 13% of the expected vote in way too early to tell. we cannot glean from


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